Window Repair and Maintenance

Our company Foggy Glass Repair Chicago offers complete window repair and maintenance of your bad windows and fogged glass units. We come out and inspect the damage to your windows such as bad balance rods, cloudy glass, cracked window panes and hardware damage.

We supply and install window operators, balance rods, latches, handles and many other components to have your windows functioning normal again. If you need a new piece of glass to replace a “foggy” look we supply custom manufactured to size thermalpane units with argon gas for install or pickup. Foggy Glass Repair Chicago’s glaziers are all licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Illinois and offers complete window repair services in Chicago and the suburbs.

Our team will arrive on location to inspect the damage to your bad thermals, cracked glass and broken hardware parts. If you need new storm windows, screens or patio door screens we can also manufacture them in shop and bring on location if you provide the sizes or a sample. We manufacture in many sizes and colors and can also provide triple track screens, glass and full triple track units.

Our team is well skilled in Chicago window repair and maintenance and has years of experience in restoration hardware, glass and window repair services. Contact us today for a quick rough quote by form or call in to our shop to schedule a date for an on-location estimate.

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